25 January 2012

20 years 3D interior design projects

It was 1992 when, during the first computerization of the company, Padovani introduced the first 3D software to design the spaces to be furnished.

Replaced the drawing boards with the PC started this very important and fascinating season that has brought so much satisfaction and success of the company that here briefly we are looking back. At first there were 286 PCs with screens in black and white and the DOS operating system. You could see images in 3D wireframe that you saw on the screen "threads" of light that were interwoven to combine the design. Followed by the PC 386 and the first Windows screens become, like the projects, in color. With the processor 486 and later with the Pentium with Windows 95 is starting to produce images more realistic, thanks to rendering techniques, with lighting effects, materials, transparencies and shadows. As the computing power of processors increases the yield of designs improves with the reduction of production time. In 1997 was born the Padovani Multimedia division by introducing virtual reality in the projects of furniture giving the customer the opportunity to move within the spaces furnished. The technology used is VRML (virtual reality modality language) and Padovani becomes an important resource. Such is the professionalism reached by Padovani tath became a consultant of the most important manufacturers of furniture for which it develops multimedia products such as catalogs accessible from the Internet and interactive 3D virtual tours of showrooms and booths. Alongside the continuous innovation in production of furniture projects Padovani becomes a landmark for those who want to decorate their spaces having control of both architecture and design. The interior design obtained from 3D projects become increasingly detailed and photorealistic constituting an element of distinction in the company and projecting Padovani on national and international market. Today Padovani continues to innovate the way of furniture using the latest hardware and software to give the customer excellent service from all points of view and in particular on the 3D design.


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