Bar & Restaurants

Many are the bars and restaurants furnished by Padovani or, where simply, Padovani has supplied the furnishings on indication of the client.

Ristorante Claudio Petrolo - Minturno (LT) P.zza Zambarelli 5 
3D images and photos

Sapori di Gaeta - Rome  via Carlo Porta 19
3D images and photos


Locanda Almayer - Gaeta (Latina) 
3D project and photo


Da Vinci's   Main Street, Leixlip - Dublin Ireland
3D images and photos


Bar Mandara (Warner Village) Via Chiaia 149 Naples - Italy
3D images and photo

                Mandara Bar Naples


Bar Triestina  Gaeta (LT)  Italy   
3D images and photo




Christian Bar - Gaeta (Latina)

Mediterraneo - Gaeta (Latina)

Brio Bar - Gaeta (Latina)

La Perla lounge bar - Gaeta (Latina)


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