Work Areas

The furnishing of an office demands a particular cure as far as the functionality and the ergonomics. These aspects together with taste make a work space, furnished by Padovani, pleasant and productive places.

Meeting room polyspecialist clinic Casa del Sole Formia (LT) Italy

3D project and picture 

Front office municipality of Gaeta


3D project and picture

Bastioni Carlo V Gaeta


Cantieri Navali Di Donna Strada Statale 7 Appia Km 136, 500 ITRI (LT) Italy


Azienda Sanitaria Locale  Capua (CE) Italy - Palazzo Fieramosca
pictures by  INTERNI n°5  2005

Buffalo Milk & Meat Product srl  Mondragone (CE) Italy


3D project and pictures



Municipality of Gaeta - Gaeta (LT) Italy

Corriere del Mezzogiorno - Bari (Italy)

I.L.C. Mandara spa - Mondragone (CE) Italy


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