2013 Beyond the bathroom, in cooperation with Edoné

2013 Oltre il bagno - in collaborazione con Edonè

The bath area is the protagonist of the exhibition 2013 BEYOND THE BATHROOM.

Produced in cooperation with Edonè, the company from Sacile, in the province of Pordenone, in a few years has revolutionized the way we do in the bathroom design, the exhibition aims to express A NEW WAY OF THINKING The BATHROOM with the projects typically expressed by Padovani together with innovation of products in the display. Tailoring 'and personalized finishes enhance quality materials for a sleek design and eco-friendly garment that every need of the bathroom. The excellence of Made in Italy is felt in every object and detail: furniture, mirrors, toilets, faucets, showers, tubs, accessories and coatings. To acces the objects of these types of shows it highlights both technical and aesthetic innovations.


The first room bathroom is made of a composition of the collection ENEA distinguished by a minimal and modern furnishings.

Containers and tops are made of a special resin finish, natural color "stone" and "chestnut", resistant, and they are suspended push-pull with interior drawers, the large sink has an elliptical shape and asymmetric as the mirror which, at the side, from the composition an unusual dynamism; complete the composition shelves and the lamp of spherical shape.

The whole thing as a primer coating fiberglass water-resistant with textured "animals": a unique and creative for all the bathroom walls. Thanks to the collaboration between Edoné and the creative style of Wall & Deco, the traditional concept of the wallpaper has been distorted and has created a new way of conceiving the coating. Special and innovative, the coating fiberglass water repellent can also be installed inside the shower cubicle..

Indeed, in the exhibition have been made two shower cabins covered with special paper. The first in this room has the texture "fish" and the special resin shower tray model NEO anthracite. The latter can be made to measure and in various colors. A service of the shower swivel column that acts as a mirror, container, towel and bathrobe hanging.


Still, the room has the health of the series BOMBO interpreting a new way of conceiving an object has always been present in our homes. Important and essential in any bathroom, sanitary, as always, was made of ceramic, an ancient material from the point of view of hygiene and functional is the best way to fulfill its function. In the search for new solutions aesthetic and functional, this gave rise to the idea of ??designing a product where the inner, more "technical", was released from the outside, instead of a more appropriate aesthetic customization. The health so it breaks down, leaving room for the imagination of shapes and colors and creating lines of ad hoc models, complete with interchangeable cover, thanks to the innovative patented connection system, and customizable finishes in 440, on the elegant wood finishes and coordinate with the other furniture.
With health are the accessories of the series FOLD achievable in 62 colors, a convenient table / stool and two door jar with matching colors to furniture.

To complete this room a wonderful bath WEST Stonematt original form made of a special material "malleable", very strong and durable. A service of the pool table in the series WIRE, the other family of accessories, which are also feasible in 62 colors, in the exhibition.



The series is expressed in NIKE shows a composition suspended by contrast sought-thin edges and bold colors: lead and ocher. The 45 ° cut along the top of the front glass matt lacquered finish in the same container with integrated washbasin and make a single sign NIKE architectural, elegant and functional. The large mirror has the frame as lacquered containers from which it spreads magically light. Even from the bottom of containers spreads the light that contributes to the "lightness" of formal composition.

The room has the health CONE with guards such as furniture and lacquered, skiing, water-repellent glass fiber paper with texture "shell". Two glass cases in conjunction with accessories FOLD the composition.


The room has a composition KER sink hanging shelf resin finish Basalt that intersects with the containers in natural oak effect with "Tranche". The large backlit mirrors composition amplifies the space covered with water-repellent glass fiber paper with texture "tents" also present in the large walk-in shower with flat NEO Resin cream.

Especially nice in the tank model BOOK Stonematt and bookcase with natural oak effect "Tranche" in abbinamneto containers. Accessories and DROP WIRE, sembpre with matching colors, the composition.


To give a better idea of ??furnishing possibilities of space dedicated to the service of the house, in the exhibition are also two composition dedicated to the second bathroom and / or laundry. The latter is well represented by the MINERVA composition which, although having a composition as stylish and functional, the top White Stone shiny, strong and durable material, with wash basin / sink and the glove box integrated washing machine

The mirror, which is used as a standard bathroom mirror, is a large container. Here, therefore, that, even in a second bath, is able to have a good aesthetic result together with the functionality of a laundry. The composition instead ARES has the advantage of being very limited in size but extremely functional and with a confident style. Design "suspended", waterproof materials and durable, integrated basin-rounded and enveloping: these are the main features of ARES series.

Plumbing GEDA

In all the compositions of the bathrooms on display you can see the fittings of the series GEDA: Italian style and design combined with extreme functionality.

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