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About Home is meant to represent the furniture of a house full, net of technical rooms bathroom and kitchen, in a coordinated manner and according to the latest housing trends. To do this you need to have a partner that produces both the living area that night as Novamobili a company that, according to the prestigious business daily Il Sole 24 Ore, is among the most representative of Italian design.

The exhibition is divided into 4 areas: the living area, a dining room, a bedroom and a kids room. The colors, finishes, materials and shapes combine to give a definite style, recognizable to this way of furnishing which coincides perfectly with the tradition of Padovani to create environments "designed" and coordinated. The exhibition also aims to be a laboratory for evaluating decorative effects such as special paintings, wallpaper, lighting and decorative objects.


The living area includes a library suspended, the Wall30 series, mounted on a wall of cement treated with vertical streaks, hazel coloured. The composition has a compartment for the TV that disappears with the large sliding door finished in dark elm wood leaving visible the other portions. The frame is lacquered matt rope with ocher lacquered backs. Beautiful and very current the great showcase with open to 180° and LED lights behind the shelves, to complete the composition. The seats are configured by the model of sofa Smuk with teal fabric, comfortable and with a compact shape; by the Artichoke chair in brown eco-leather that with its simple form, enveloping and moldable invites you to sink into his comforting embrace; by decorative pillows in combination with the large pouf Chico and the carpet that has the color mix used in the room; the enviroment is completed by coffe tables Tris and Orbis, to serve the sofa, with coordinated finishes.


The lunch area is solved with large oval table in dark elm Argos, original and elegant, with a perfect balance between lightness and robustness; the Natt chairs, a Nordic flavor, covered by a green water colour removable fabric and coordinated to the adjacent Living. The low container Reverse lacquered teal and ocher, by flavors '50 yers as the above lights, helps the lunch area. The atmosphere is enhanced by the wallpaper with matching teal miniatures mounted on the wall with the large porthole, a large carpet discolored effect and in iron wire suspensions. All this makes it the most relaxing and comfortable environment with a special feeling of elegance.



The bedroom is furnished with bed Park made by valuable honey oak with upholstered white fabric headboard. The Giotto service containers are also in oak with recessed handle. The feature of this set is the lightness thanks to legs that raise up the composition. To the side of the bed, a red lacquered container Allout with drawer, low, cylindrical shape and "to ground" combined with the ottoman covered in velvet Tamburello. Unmistakable the three-dimensional play of light and shadows created by the Plissè wardrobe, with doors matt lacquered taupe and glossy lacquered bands. An elegant wallpaper, white with hexagonal network effect, covers the two walls with large porthole. To complete the installation: lamps, textiles and carpet of "retro" flavor.


For smaller the exhibition presents the furnishings Nidi with particularly original colors and  materials. All elements are suspended from the ground with large conical inclined legs, bleached oak. The wood is combined with a delicate pink and white in addition to the yellow and green for the textile and complements. Here the wallpaper becomes a miniature of colored drops on a white background. Beautiful great knobs that give character to the wardrobe, to bedside table and to the low unit. Very particular the big pouf / armchair, yellow as the evocative scale against the wall, that is modeled on the basis of how you sits. A complete environment with all you need in a room for children with a strong personality.


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