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After "LIVING AND COOKING" in collaboration with Euromobil kitchens and "MILLE PROGETTI. DATEGLI SPAZIO."in collaboration with Zalf furniture, "Home, soft Home"in collaboration with Desiree sofas, completes the exhibitions dedicated to Euromobil Group and its companies.

Desiree has a production philosophy inspired to quality, simplicity and concreteness. Its rich collection of upholstered furniture includes beds, chairs and sofas. The design of each model achieves a particular balance of lines and volumes in a complete summary of refinement and comfort. 

Simulazione in 3D con gli effetti luce dinamici cambiacolore

The exhibition includes some of the most innovative production designed by leading designers of the company. A sleeping area and three living rooms with different features and functions.

Sleeping area - Chance + Lacoon + Kubic

The sleeping area is made with the bed CHANCE, designed by Marc Sadler, who has combined LACOON chair, designed by Jai Jalan and KUBIC coffee tables designed by Roberto Gobbo. An unusual and attractive environment for forms and functions: the head of the bed which reproduces the classical machining capitonnè, leaving suspended plans nightstand. The bed framework consists of a platform orthopedic in wenge wood that makes it seem like the mattress is suspended, giving a special effect of lightness. In this ideal room rests also on the wide and comfortable swivel chair designed wrap-around hugs and cuddles. KUBIC coffee tables, placed in line, provide a large workplane to be used for several purposes. Minimalism, classical forms and extreme comfort are the characteristics of this environment.

Living - Ozium + Kara

The first living consists of the Ozium sofa composition with peninsula, designed by Roberto Gobbo, and KARA armchair, coffee table and ottoman, designed by Marc Sadler. Is a living with simple characteristics: comfort, convenience and comfort, even visual, minimalist shapes and white look which contrasts with the red set KARA which give character and elegance. The ideal solution for furnishing an ample living, without compromise, where more people can sit in an informal and absolute relaxation. To read, listen to music or watch videos. To relax, alone or in company, to live .... comfy!

Living - Selà

The second living room is dedicated to SELA', the sofa with sinuous lines with backs and arms that look like petals of a flower, designed by Jai Jalan. Here too, the protagonist is comfort, soft and seductive. For those not satisfied with the usual forms of modern sofas and does not want to give up but be distinguish through the own choice of having an object that can be informal, impeccable and elegant as an evening dress worn in the morning: only for who is not influenced by the dictates, but lives with originality and decisively.

Living - Tuliss Up

TULISS UP, designed by Jai Jalan, is the protagonist of the third living room. Again with a total comfort, this product, can be declined as an angle composition rather than with individual sofas and armchairs, is the "living room" for excellence. Elegant, formal, comfortable, lightweight and "friendly". Not need any more adjectives, just look and try to understand that it is the best you could wish. Even more seductive the swivel chair that complements the wide range and gives the option to "close" the conversation area or watch a video together with people sitting on the couch.

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