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N A T U R A is the title, as well as the inspiration, of the twenty-second exhibition Padovani GALLERY.

The exhibition also has the character of the anniversary, being the twenty years of this original exhibition system.

It was August 1997 when Padovani inaugurated the Gallery space with the exhibition "Minimalism and Design" which, in addition to having a "physical" value, was reproduced in 3D with Virtual Reality Techniques on the Net, making it one of the first experiments in the industry.

An integral part of the project was the soundtrack: Belo Horizonti. The internationally successful hit, signed by renowned Dj Claudio Coccoluto, is released today in the Anniversary version and, once again, used in the video of the show, while vinyl is the gadget.


The exhibition exalts the furnishings of the Venetian company Pianca, an established industrial reality in the home furnishing systems and complements for day and night areas.

The lighting is signed by Slamp, a trademark of the most representative in the landscape of decorative design lighting.

The decoration is by Glamora, which interprets wallcovering as an expressive universe capable of transforming any home, professional or collective environment, finding inspiration in everything around us - the nature.

Here is the NATURE that we find in the materials, in the wood, in the colors and in the shapes that make up the three environments made: a wide living area and two night zones.

By day ... with Pianca, decorating a wall to put it to various uses, containment, library, TV is a real creative moment thanks to the huge compositional possibility of the modular systems series People.

On display, a composition that alternates wisely full and empty with flip-flop elements, a day and wall-type boiserie in lacquered opaque gray and blue finishes on the large suspended bench in precious walnut essence insists on the wall decorated with scratched stucco and Lit by the "Veli" lamp from Slamp.

The conversation area has the comfortable Volo sofa that, as suspended, leans on thin legs, light on the look, proud and elegant.
Its slender line embraces the pillows, starting from the narrow armrests that come back. Serving the Abaco round tables, in combination with the People wall, and, when closing the composition, the Esse arms from the original design.

Lunch has PARIS GREEN wallpaper of Glamora and is illuminated by the "sculpture" Air suspension designed by Zaha Hadid for Slamp.
The table is the Delta model, presented with the particular steel base and extensible extra clear glass; The Emi seats are in gray removable fabric like the sofa and, again, the Esse armchair but with cockpit seat and legs in walnut.
At lunch service, the elegant Quadra unit is presented in shiny blue and embellished with Liza's Slamp light.

At night ... with Pianca you can create very particular environments like this, which has as its protagonist the complanar Sliding doors wardrobe Crea, whose geometries are outlined by the alternation of glossy and opaque varnished gray paint alternating for a three-dimensional effect.

The Spillo bed in dark oak has a removable cover for the head and for the base that makes it practical and versatile. The containers are of the Arco series always in dark oak and at the service of the bed we find the Servo table.

To decorate the environment the "Leaf" wallpaper by Glamora parade framing the bed and the dresser; Particular lighting that falls on the bedside table with Slamp's "Slim" suspension; To complete the ambience the scandinavian "Dora" style armchair presented in blue velvet.

In the second sleeping area the atmosphere changes radically: from dark oak and gray to white.
Here the wallpaper is the "Equatorial Jungle" model by Glamora that from a feeling of depth and lightness as well as the bed "Filo" that has a ground support consisting of an imperceptible support in methacrylate almost did not want to weigh in space. It is presented in white leather with serves the "Segno" model containers, from the particular recessed handle, in white opaque lacquered. The suspension on the bedside table is the Chantal model of Slamp and, upon completion, we find the armchair and the pouf Dialogo with the Haik table with the particular geometry.

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