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sito Kertell

Kartell is the protagonist of the new GALLERY exhibition with a lay-out from the Arch. Ferruccio Laviani (art director of the company).

Is a journey through the most recent production of the company “phenomenon” of the Italian and international design.

Kartell's image and 55 years history are described through the Company's products. The development, the corporate strategies, the attention the Company has paid to technology, the project and the design can be appreciated by observing the products Kartell has designed.

One Shot
One Shot
Four “islands” with varioushome and work functions: the living, the bar, the office, the lunch.

The exhibition starts in summer in order to arrive continuously to the next spring renewing itself in the exposed objects expressing and exploring new design functionalities.

Twelfth GALLERY ehibition has also the symbolism of the anniversary, in fact they are exactly passed 10 years from the inauguration of PADOVANI GALLERY with MINIMALISMO AND DESIGN in collaboration with CAPPELLINI.
One Shot
One ShotOne ShotOne ShotOne ShotOne ShotOne Shot

One Shot One ShotOne ShotOne ShotOne Shot

Kartell's products express the language and the atmosphere of the period in which they were created, but at the same time they are "contemporary articles", they incorporate many other values and messages and this is why they have become an integral part of our domestic scenario.

One Shot - LocandinaOne Shot - Locandina 6x3  One ShotOne ShotOne Shot

One ShotOne Shot ONE-SHOT and Rapido 2.0

Some sequences of the showroom movie are realized in computer-graphic with the alpha version of our 3D software Rapido 2.0, scenes that show only some of the many potentialities of this software.

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