50th Padovani Anniversary with Kartell

Padovani 50° anniversario

It could not be that Kartell the company choise for this GALLERY exhibition  that celebrates the 50 years of Padovani Ltd. activity. Kartell went through the history of design with its objects signed by the most important international designers giving luster to the "Made in Italy".


Parallel Padovani also followed a similar path, although as a reseller of furniture, which, however, has played in all these years, with great professionalism and passion for design.

It 'hard to describe a show like that, so full of objects that deserve to be described each one in their particular features, we entrust to these photos and the official video of the exhibition, perhaps best of all is able to feel the magic of this show that we consider the most beautiful ever made by us.

The "story" Padovani began in the sixties

The "story" Padovani began in the sixties, with its founder PierLuigi that import, in the territory of the South Pontine, the skill of the Venetian craftsmen in manufacturing furnishings. In 1965 comes the big showroom in Gaeta, which will be joined by other outlets in Formia and Sperlonga placed in the same area. In the seventies, always in Gaeta, is renewed the old store of appliances to turn it into one of the top designer shops of the area. In the eighties, with the arrival of children Maurizio and Michele, activity receives a new impulse that leads Padovani to furnishing along all Italy. Padovani start to consider the CUSTOMER as the primary asset of a company that  becomes, gradually, in addition, a supplier of goods and services as well.Thus began the vocation of Padovani as interior design. In the early 90's Padovani understands the importance of the computer as a tool to convey furnishings and, in 1992 during the first computerization of the company, introduces the Free design 3D. In 1997, with the inauguration of the space GALLERY, born the MULTIMEDIA division and start important partnerships with companies such as Cappellini, Pallucco, Nova Serenissima, Euromobil Group and many others. Also begin the thematic exhibitions of design in the GALLERY space, of which this with Kartell is only the latest in a long series. Everything is rigorously reported on the company website that is constantly being updated and allows Padovani to be known in Italy and overseas. Important works are carried out in Moscow, in Durban, in Amsterdam, and Dublin where Padovani continues, even today, to export the Italian design. In 2009 after the death of the founder Padovani decided to "concentrate" all the activity in the "historic" shop on Via Garibaldi in Gaeta that has been completely renovated, making it, at least according to the prestigious italian design magazine INTERNI, one of the landmarks of Italian design in a large area between Rome and Naples.

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