06 March 2021

In memory of Claudio Coccoluto

Joining the condolences of family, relatives and friends all, we want to remember our friend Claudio also as a DESIGN enthusiast and thank him for the collaborations that have helped to give prestige to our. company. It was 1997 when we inaugurated our GALLERY space with the exhibition "MINIMALISM & DESIGN" in collaboration with Cappellini.
We were the first to introduce Virtual Reality applied to design in Italy to convey it using the new digital media and Claudio, who followed every news with interest, allowed us to use the song Belo Horizonti, his international success. In 2000 we collaborated on another project related to design and 3D by creating the exhibition CUCINA.COME ad ABITARE IL TEMPO, a Verona fair dedicated to professionals in the sector. The installation, a multimedia experience between design and virtual reality accompanied by the song "The Blue Room", amazed audiences and critics alike for the modernity of the instruments used.
And, again, in 2017 with the "NATURA" exhibition we celebrated 20 years of exhibitions in the GALLERY space and the vinyl of Belo Orizonti's anniversary as an official gadget.

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