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october 2000

the new Padovani
p r e s e n t

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CLASSIC AGE, the new exposition of Padovani Gallery, proposes a different approach to the furnishing and interior design.
With the magnificent collections by Nova Serenissima combined with the style seats by Moroso, this exhibition interprets some objective necessities of the modern way of home living, that is the architectural integration of the design or the new activities created by the current digital revolution.
After many years marked by an extreme essentiality of the style and the spaces, CLASSIC AGE wants to urge designers to attempt new solutions to shape the furnishing spaces.
The exposition is divided in four zones: conversation, entertainment, architectural integration, work.
1. The conversation zone is embellished by a middle-height panelling made of Italian walnut which is the background of an extremely modern blue-leather seat. The bookcase is set in a full-height wood panelling with details lacquered in the same colour of the seat. This area of the house is no more disturbed by the bulky television, now replaced by the modern flat screens, which can be hung on the walls as pictures.
Collection: Ateneo noce - Seats: Ginevra (design Ferruccio Laviani)
2. The entertainment zone, in the same way, is free from the models proposed so far. In fact if we need only a wall to hang the new television, we can also think to organize this wall in a really new way. A little oaken structure composed by two semicircular columns with a wood panel, in the middle of which is hung a wide multifunction plasma screen; it encloses TV, internet and computer and gives a new image of the entertainment zone. To complete this space there are a big and comfortable sofa and a small table which is also a control support for the screen functions.
Collection: San Marco rovere - Seats: Tamigi (Moroso design center)
3. Architectural integration means the possibility to modify existing spaces using structures and furnishings which break off the monotony of the four walls of a room. The bifacial bookcase in cherry-wood, placed at 45 with respect to the whole space, with its three arches, forms a sort of porch which cuts the space in a really suggestive and original perspective. The ladders to reach the top shelves and the relax armchairs "40/80" by Moroso complete this installation.
Collection: Canal Grande ciliegio - Seats: 40/80 (design Achille Castiglioni - Ferruccio Laviani)
4. For the work zones too, CLASSIC AGE proposes an unusual solution, different from the others. It is stronger and stronger the tendency not to close people in "offices" to carry out their work. The computer from "personal" is becoming a network unit, therefore in more and more firms, but also in the "home offices", there is the necessity to create a sole space where several activities are carried out together. For example if a large dining or meeting table is transformed into a bearing surface for computer monitors, people can work, study, present a plan or meet other people and even eat, while comfortably sitting on a home armchair, alone or together with colleagues, friends and also customers. The coffered ceiling, combined to the sideboard in decapage blue, gives to this environment a new emotional strength.
Collection: San Marco azzurro decapato - Seats: Steel (design Enrico Franzolini)

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