06 December 2022

Outdoor 2022 & 2023

The exhibition has been renewed with the latest news of products from our main commercial partners. Unique installations that are characterized by originality, quality and style. Replicable in every space through our 3d furniture projects.

After the great success of the NATURA exhibition in collaboration with PIANCA, the set-up was renewed, maintaining the aesthetic mix, with a living area comprising the suspended wall of the People series, matt lacquered lead and canaletto walnut; extensible square SOFFIO table with ESSE chairs in removable fabric combined with the VOLO sofa. Particularly the NORMA sideboard covered in gray stone and decorated with the mirrors ESAGONO. In the sleeping area the SEGNO wardrobe has been proposed to be flush with the front panel in lead-gray or glossy and glossy glass as for the dark oak ATLANTE containers such as the brand new DIONISO solid wood bed with gray fabric cushions and swivel side trays.

Also NOVAMOBILI, company already presented in the About Home exhibition, has been placed in a dedicated space with a sleeping area and a day - lunch. The night space features a wardrobe with dove gray doors and a particular central compartment lacquered in green leaf with LED lights and a mirror to dress in comfort. The VELVET bed is padded, suspended by feet in burnished metal and characterized by a soft headboard that opens into a welcoming embrace. Very special, the CUBE SYSTEM containers, of different sizes, are flanked and overlapped to create drawers, bedside tables, chest of drawers and weeklies. In the living area protagonist is the REVERSE wall with the suspended base in natural oak and the white and green leaf bookcase with glass separators and red lacquered staircase. Colors and finishes that can be found in the SUNNY table, in the removable NATT chairs and in the sideboard that completes the set-up.

And again, the space dedicated to LA FALEGNAMI has been redesigned as the leading company for the production of wooden cabinets and bedrooms. The AB SYSTEM wardrobe has hinged doors, matt hemp lacquered, with vertical recessed handle; alongside the FREE bookcase in tobacco oak as for the ELLISSE round bedside table; always round the table with calacatta marble top serving the bed with DUFFY leather storage, comfortable and dynamic, with transversal diagonal and asymmetrical diagonal seams that decorate and characterize the headboard with contemporary lines.

Last but not least, the new ZALF children's rooms set-up is the benchmark in the sector, with two compositions: the first, designed for children, has a bed on wheels with dark gray laminated cabinets such as the free-standing hanging bookcase; the wardrobe is white with yellow-throat handles such as the tray that runs on the wall paneling that protects the bed and the desk composed of the double-sided bookcase on which the top with rounded corners and wooden feet is resting. The second, designed for teenagers, has a more rigorous and comfortable look with a double bed that has as headboard the boiserie to which the container is hooked. The pale blue wardrobe has a white bookshelf like the hanging one on the bed; the suspended desk with an elm finish is very comfortable.

All the new rooms are decorated with GLAMORA wallpaper, ADRIANI & ROSSI objects and paintings, SITAP carpets and METROPOLIS IVAS special paints. Lighting, another very important element of the new settings, is entrusted to SLAMP, KARTELL and LUCEPLAN both with iconic objects and with the latest news.

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