09 February 2021

SEI has arrived in the showroom

The latest Euromobil kitchen has just been set up in the showroom. Here it is presented, excluding the technical components of black aluminum, in white Fenix Laminate for both the top and the fronts and sides. The elm wood drawers break the continuity. The multifunctional backrest that "closed" protects the wall with its Fenix Laminate surface while "open" reveals the shelves and accessories, illuminating the kitchen with the variable intensity LED on the back of the glossy white glass, is very particular. The columns of the ovens and the fridge together with the pull-out pantry are in bronze Fenix Laminate, mounted in a niche and highlighted by the vertical LED that completes the kitchen lighting.

“Sei as in six millimetres, which is the thickness of tops, side panels, shelves and accessories... panels like blades; only Italian flair can achieve such effects. I juggled with materials and colours, mixing wood, marble, steel and laminate for a single purpose: to implement a simple but functional project with a wealth of super materials and interiors and the use of colours. All this was made possible by artisan traditions, attention to details and technological innovation.”
Marc Sadler

SEI is part of an overall renovation project for the kitchen exhibition which will be completed in the coming months with the inclusion of other special projects that will complete our offer.

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