31 March 2018

Smeg 50s Style

The space dedicated to Smeg's 50s Style line is set up in the show room. 50s Style is born from the contamination between technique and aesthetics, functionality and style, combining different cultural cues that evoke the unmistakable shapes and atmospheres of the 50s. From the bright colors inspired by Pop Art to the curved and retro lines, the 50s Style line re-proposes traditional appliances in a modern key and adds the typical Smeg touch: a passion for innovation and for the appliance as an object to show off. From the iconic FAB28 refrigerator to the latest generation of small appliances, the 50s Style line consists of unique, versatile, nonconformist products that transform everyday objects into an element of furniture and design. Thanks to their personality, 50s Style products have become real cult objects over time. Protagonist of activities ranging from film and television productions to artistic installations, the 50s Style line is today one of the most prominent testimonials of Made in Italy design and has been able to conquer a global audience.

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