09 May 2023

Virtual Reality Interior Design

This year we have adopted a new and highly sophisticated 3D design system that aligns our company with the most important architecture and design studios.
The new Virtual Reality makes it possible to create increasingly accurate and photorealistic 3D images and videos with many innovations such as the geographical position or the study of the sun and the seasons.This allows, for example, to know how a house will be naturally lit at a specific time of the year or how it reacts to atmospheric agents and at different times of the day with suggestive day/night scenarios. It is also possible to study greenery for gardens, terraces, etc. inserting the specific qualities of plants, trees, flowers, etc. Another innovation is the insertion of people and vehicles and even animals, static or in motion, to have the exact understanding of how the environments, internal and external, are designed down to the smallest functional and aesthetic details. and, again, in a single video it is possible to view the project variants to resolve any doubts and make the most targeted choice possible. Some videos then have the extraordinary possibility of changing the point of view while watching them, thus increasing the Virtual Reality experience. If, then, the customer has greater technological capabilities, the project is sent to be able to see it with 3D viewers. In a nutshell Padovani is ready for the Metaverse and all its implications where we hope to have our. virtual showroom as soon as these technologies are within the reach of a wider audience.
For privacy reasons we only publish some static images here since the videos give too much information about the places and we reserve them only for customers. However, when the new website we are working on will be ready ALL these experiences will be available online to be able to test them and have fun with the latest generation Virtual Reality. Stay tuned on padovani.it :)

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